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We are sorry to say that the camp is now full and we cannot accept any more applications this year. Sorry for any disappointment.

The application form will open on 24th January 2024, please return then.

Summer Camps of The Christian Community

Please read carefully before applying. The Christian Community Summer Camp is planned and organised by a leadership team of helpers with many many years of camp experience. This team is wonderfully supplemented by young volunteer helpers (16-19 years old) who take on many of the groups and activities throughout camp. They have not had any pedagogical or special needs training, but come full of enthusiasm to make a great camp experience for all. Please especially bear this in mind when considering whether camp is a suitable place for your child; they will be looked after in their group, primarily by the young volunteers, 24 hours a day. We are happy to have an email conversation or phone call to discuss camp and how your child would manage before you apply.

We cook delicious, wholesome, organic food from scratch on camp, sourced as locally as we can. Our dairy products come from Plaw Hatch, a biodynamic farm just down the road from camp, and our sourdough bread from Sussex Kitchen, an organic bakery less than 10 minutes away. The food may be different from what your child eats at home, but what is on the menu is what is for the meal and we ask all children to try it, even if it is a ‘no thank you’ portion.

We invariably find that there are children where parents have said they are gluten free, but that would rather have the sourdough bread most children have, than the gluten free bread we’ve bought for them. We have found that all gluten intolerant children that have had the sourdough bread have had no ill effects. Maybe consider asking which they’d prefer, before putting them down as gluten free, so the especially bought GF products don’t go to waste. Of course if they do need or want GF, we’re happy to provide it. Same goes for other dietary requirements, eg vegan food: if they’d like vegan spread/cheese/sausages etc, we’re happy to buy that for them, but if they’d rather have butter/vegetarian sausages, we don’t want to have to throw out the uneaten vegan products.

Children are divided into groups of roughly 10, based loosely on age and gender, and are led by two helpers. If your child regularly needs individual one to one attention, then this camp setting would not be appropriate for them. The children sleep in a large tent with the rest of their group, with helpers in a tent beside them. As applications vary greatly from year to year, and we might have late notice drop outs or additions, we don’t publicise intended groups before camp. We may consider requests for similarly aged children to be together, but certainly can’t commit to or guarantee any of these requests. From many years experience, we have found children settle well into their groups and make new friends during camp. Although children will sleep and do activities mainly in their groups, there is also time to mix with the whole camp, and see friends in other groups throughout the camp.

We understand that being separated from one’s child for 10 days can be difficult, both for child and parent/s, especially if it is the first time away from each other. Please have a chat with your child beforehand so they are relatively comfortable staying the 10 nights away from parents. We are asked about phone calls, but don’t generally find it advantageous for children to speak with their parents during the camp as it can take them out of the camp bubble. Children often start wondering what is going on at home and what they are missing. It may even be that it suddenly precipitates homesickness where there wasn’t any before. It would be a logistical and potentially emotional mine-field to have all children talking to their parents, so we find that the fairest way is without phone calls. Having said all of that, we are very happy to pass on messages and particularly letters in both directions. We specially encourage the children to write letters home during the camp – they can also ask for some help to do this if they are not yet quite able. Or simply send a picture or some such thing. We provide all the stationery and stamps for that. The children also love getting post, and every child asks ‘have I got post today?’, so please do write if you can. The earlier you send a letter, the greater chance of it arriving before camp finishes! If your child would like to write to someone that doesn’t live at their home address, please include the other address/s in the application so we have them to hand and can send the letters to the right places.

As mentioned before, the groups are taken by young volunteers, who potentially have limited or no experience dealing with children with additional needs, so it is important that we are made aware of them.

Our dairy products come from Plaw Hatch, a biodynamic farm just down the road from camp. If you do not consent to your child having fresh raw milk, please let us know, and let your child know to have an alternative milk. Please read the introduction to camp (above) when considering dietary requirements.

Unfortunately late arrivals and early departures are quite disruptive to groups, so the expectation is that your child will be at camp from 3pm Saturday 20th July until 12pm Tuesday 30th July. We do not have the facilities to look after children while we set up camp and put it away again, and so cannot accommodate early arrivals or late departures. We are sure you can understand this and particularly ask you to bear this in mind when booking tickets from further away.


Completed application forms together with payment (transfer, cash or cheque made to: The Christian Community) should be sent FAO of Muriel Chivers CCCamp at The Christian Community, 73 Cainscross Rd, GL5 4HB, Stroud.

Deposits may also be made into the following account:

The Christian Community in Great Britain
Bank of Scotland
Sort code – 80-22-60
Account number – 22500864
IBAN – GB81BOFS80226022500864
with your child’s full name as reference. Please provide proof of deposit.

Cost – 1st Child = £420 | 2nd Child = £320 | 3rd Child = £220

We have tried to keep the cost down to a minimum, however have had to raise them a little for the first time since 2021. We will still consider a fee reduction where needed and possible, so please contact us should this be a need for you. No child is ever turned away for financial reasons. Children are accepted to the camp on a first-come-first-served basis. To ease our planning and reserve a place, please ensure that your application with payment is in as soon as possible. Payments can be made in instalments between now and mid June if necessary, please let us know.


Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions and sign to confirm your acceptance.

1. I, the undersigned, feel adequately informed about the activities offered at The Christian Community Summer Camp 2024 at Colin Godman’s Farm from the 20th July – 30th July 2024 and hereby give permission for my child to participate.

2. I understand that photographs may be taken during the camp. These would only be used on the camp web-site for marketing the camp and providing parents with access to pictures after the camp.

3. I accept that all reasonable precautions and risk assessments will be made to ensure the safety and welfare of my child and understand that participation of my child in the Summer Camp 2024 is not compulsory and any participation is at the sole risk of the participant and/or his/her legal guardian.

4. I further agree that I shall be responsible for the payment of any medical expenses incurred through medical treatment required by my child during the camp. In this regard, I cede my powers as parent/guardian to an authorised representative of The Christian Community should medical treatment of any nature whatsoever be deemed necessary. I understand that all efforts will be made to contact me at once should medical treatment be required by my child.

5. I agree that the duly authorised representatives of The Christian Community may administer homeopathic medication to my child where deemed necessary.