Camp Activities

There are no limits to the creative possibilities of our wonderful helpers and children…

Creating experiences for the children where they can most wholly and truly be themselves

The camp can take 80 children who are divided into groups of around 10 in a group according to age and gender. So usually, 4 girls groups and 4 boys groups. Each group has 2 group helpers who are with them 24/7, and who lead them through various creative projects and activities. For instance, one group may make puppets, write a script, and perform a puppet show at the end of the camp. Another group may build an elaborate treehouse and spend the last night of the camp there. Other projects have included mosaics, kite-making, leatherwork, candles, steam-cars, beadwork, a sweat-lodge, etc, etc. There is no limit to the creative possibilities for the various groups. The nature of each project depends on the inspiration of the group helpers and the age of the group. The helper team begins preparations months before the camp so that all the necessary ideas are properly thought through and materials are in place by the time the camp begins.

Every day the whole camp gathers for a morning and evening circle. We sing loads of songs, perform skits, and tell a story. The children have now even got it into their heads to spontaneously get up and dance in pairs when we sing Waltzing Mathilda. Their idea – not ours! The morning story tends to be livelier and more adventurous and the evening story more toned down and inward. The whole day in fact follows an alternating rhythm of expansion and contraction which includes teatime in the morning and a rest hour after lunch. We rise with the sun and set with the sun…

We also go on several hikes, go swimming, have a whole afternoon treasure hunt, etc. On the 3rd day of camp, the helpers perform a small play for the children which is connected to the camp theme. Usually rather impromptu and spoofed-up! This is normally done in a clearing in the forest and really breaks the ice between the children and helpers.

On the very last day of the camp the parents and families are invited to arrive early and witness a final presentation of all the various groups and their projects – it is just the tip of the iceberg but at least a small impression of what we have been up to during the camp.

We always require a good stock of camping, catering and arts and craft equipment and materials. If you think you may have some of these things that you do not need anymore and that we could make use of, we would love to hear from you. All donations are gladly received.